Detect your face shape by simply uploading a image

For optimal results, it is recommended to upload images that feature properly aligned and clearly visible faces.

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User-Uploaded Images

When you upload an image to our web app, we process the image to determine your face shape. However, we do not store or retain your uploaded images on our servers.

The image is processed temporarily during the backend analysis and is immediately discarded once the face shape is determined. We do not use the images for any other purpose.

How can I determine my face shape?

Step 1: Take a selfie with your face clearly visible

Step 2: Upload the image to the server and detect your face shape

The most popular questions users ask are found in our FAQs.

What is Face Shape Detector?

The Face Shape Detector web application is a user-friendly tool designed to analyze and identify the shape of human faces. Utilizing cutting-edge facial recognition algorithms, it accurately identifies and categorizes the unique contours and features of a person's face. Users can simply upload an image and the application swiftly processes it to detect the face shape, providing quick and reliable results.

How correct is Face Shape Detector?

Face Shape Detector employs robust algorithms to supply accurate consequences. However, accuracy may additionally vary depending on factors such as photograph excellent and facial expressions. We attempt to offer the maximum unique analysis possible to our customers.

Is my Privacy included while using Face Shape Detector?

Absolutely. We prioritize person privacy and cling to strict privacy regulations. Your uploaded pix are processed quickly at some point of evaluation and are without delay discarded thereafter. We do no longer keep or keep any consumer-uploaded pictures on our servers.

Can Face Shape Detector be used for group photos?

While Face Shape Detector is primarily designed for individual face analysis, it can still be used with group photos. However, please note that the results may vary depending on the clarity and composition of the image. For the most accurate analysis, we recommend using a clear photo where each individual's face is easily distinguishable.

How long does it take to process my image and receive results?

The processing time typically depends on factors such as image size and server load. However, we strive to provide results swiftly to ensure a seamless user experience. In most cases, you can expect to receive your face shape analysis within seconds of uploading your image.

Do I want to create an account to apply Face Shape Detector?

No, developing an account is not required. You can in reality add your image, acquire the analysis outcomes, and discover the styling tips with out the want for registration.

Can I use Face Shape Detector on mobile devices?

Yes, Face Shape Detector is like minded with both computing device and mobile gadgets. You can effortlessly get right of entry to the tool and upload your pix from smartphones, tablets, and different cellular devices for on-the-cross styling advice.

Are there any costs associated with the use of Face Shape Detector?

No, Face Shape Detector is absolutely unfastened to use. There aren't any hidden charges or subscription expenses. Simply upload your image and experience personalized styling recommendations for gratis.